Student life at Birmingham

There is a thriving student community at Birmingham and we very much look forward to you being part of it.

To hear what student life is like for our students, have a look at what our students say. Also, if you are unable to travel to campus yourself, visit our You Tube Channel to watch films of our beautiful campus.

Student societies

Many nationality groups form student societies during their time at the University of Birmingham. This is an excellent way to keep in contact with home and also provides an opportunity to highlight your culture and customs in the UK.

Student societies are also a useful point of contact for prospective students to Birmingham who may want to contact current students for information. 

There is the Arab Society at our Guild of Students, and for a full list of student societies please visit the Birmingham Guild of Students website.

What our students have to say...

Kanjhan Bhavishya "Taking up a postgraduate course at the University of Birmingham was a fantastic decision. I really enjoyed my time at the University and the teaching staff at Birmingham Business School were nothing short of excellent.

Education aside, I really loved the campus. Having come from a very modern city, the rich red-brick architecture of the University was very appealing to me. Finally the University also paid a lot of attention to cultural and social development, I was part of many a society in my time at the University.

I'm currently employed at 5thBar, a mobile marketing agency based in Dubai as Business Manager. My undergraduate degree was in Computer Science and Business Management. However having studied the technical side of things, I realized I wanted to be on the business side of things in the technology industry.

My Master's degree in International Business gave me the skills and knowledge which when added to my previous technical qualifications made me a suitable candidate for a business role in the digital industry.

After completing my dissertation on Social Media, I moved into a social media specific role. It was here where I was able to apply my technical and business knowledge in an industry which required both. I then moved to a broader digital marketing role at a new company called Clique Media. Having developed my skills there, I am now in a managerial position in a new start-up 5thBar."