Birmingham Foundation Academy - Dr Steve Minchin

Dr Steve Minchin, Academic Director of the Birmingham Foundation Academy, tells us more about the programme.

Title: Birmingham Foundation Academy - Dr Steve Minchin
Duration: 1.49

The Birmingham Foundation Academy is a programme that allows students from a 12 year education system to enter the University of Birmingham one year early.

They then study at Birmingham, with Birmingham academics, and once they've passed the Academy programme, they can then proceed into one of our undergraduate programmes.

It also allows students from 13 year education systems who have studied the wrong subjects to then study the correct subjects for entry into their desired programme.

The Birmingham Foundation Academy is unique for several reasons. One, it is an all-inclusive package, so you pay one fee, and that includes your accommodation, including food during term time; your tuition fees, and also other expenses like textbooks, classroom equipment, and trips. It also is a programme taught by Birmingham academics, who are experts in their field, many of them world-leading, and so therefore you are getting a true university experience.

In addition, you get to live and work on the Birmingham campus, and get access to sports facilities, the library and other facilities like music rooms. 

The Birmingham Foundation Academy has several pathways, all designed to gain you access to our undergraduate programmes. In each pathway, you will study the subjects you need to gain access to a particular degree programme, as well as developing good English language skills and transferable academic skills.