The City of Birmingham – student perspectives transcript

University of Birmingham students talk about the exciting opportunities Birmingham has to offer it's students.

Title: The City of Birmingham – student perspectives  
Duration:1.34 mins

S1    The City of Birmingham has so much to offer anyone, particularly students.  Because we’ve got three Universities in the City it’s really student orientated; there’s always stuff going on.  The University is much the City – they reflect each other in so much – I think the cultural fusion.

S2    I’m not actually from Birmingham, but I was very excited about moving to a new city and Birmingham has absolutely everything you could want.  It’s got a great night life, so as a student that's obviously a bonus.  It’s got great shopping facilities, the Bullring is full, packed full with shops, High Street shops and it’s good and affordable.  There’s also plenty of Arts and culture to get involved with and for someone like me who really enjoys going to the theatre and music and things like that, there’s plenty to see and do.  Also the size of Birmingham is great: it’s a big City so you can always find something new to do and there’s always something going on, but it’s also small enough to feel like you know the City and you can be part of it.

S3    The best thing about the City of Birmingham is that it’s very multi cultural, it’s very diverse and varied.  What’s also good is you’ve got the Mailbox, which is international cuisine; there’s so many different places to go such as in terms of restaurants and bars. You can go to restaurants which are Thai, Sushi, Indian, Italian – anything you want. Also the Brindley Place is another really, really lovely place to bring your parents when they come up.