Transcript - BME student testimonials

Title: Business Management English Presessional Programme - Student Testimonials

Duration: 10:17

00.11 Ivett Garcia Faguaga, Mexico. MBA Business Administration. The BME Experience

If you are planning to come to study at the University of Birmingham, I want to share with you my experience. First of all, I want to tell you that, for me, to enrol on the BME course was my best decision and the best investment that I could have made. This is because I considered that the BME course was an excellent platform to improve my academic skills, especially my academic writing. The teachers worked very, very hard to teach you how to write in academic styles using academic vocabulary and they also teach you how to write essays and reports. The BME is not just an English course; it is a complete programme that combines curricular and extra-curricular activities to help you to improve your abilities in this language. This course helps international students to be ready for their future programmes or studies at the Business School. Furthermore I would like to express that the BME course has exceeded my expectations and I would recommend you to take this course 100%.

01.22 Xiang Zhou, China. PhD in Department of Management. Curriculum Design

I would like to talk to you about the design of the BME Course. I found this course is very helpful for the non-business background students because this course provides the students training on the business case study. Moreover, I find this course is very helpful for the students to foster familiar with the Academic English environment which is needed in the future postgraduate study, because this course provided us the training and the practice in the academic essay writing and the presentation skills. So, finally, I recommend the BME course to conditional and unconditional students.

02.12 Yi-Chen Kao, Taiwan. MBA Business Administration. Skills Acquired on the BME

I learn many skills at BME course: time management, conflict management and communication skills. For example, we have to submit our homework at the same time, sometimes the timings overlap, so be careful of the time management. And the conflict, because we have to communicate with different countries’ people and we have to organise the different point of view…so be careful of the conflict and communication with and different countries peoples.

02.50 Nurbek Khamitov, Kazakhstan. MBA Business Administration. Quality of Teaching

I would like to speak about BME course, particularly the quality of teaching. I think the course was tough, but amazing at the same time. And I think the quality of teaching was perfect due to the different approaches. And we have to solve a lot of problems – like case study problems. Sometimes our teachers were strict with us but it helped me to pass all my exams successfully. But most of the time we were like close friends.  So I can recommend to everyone to attend BME course.

03.41 Xun Guo, China. MSc Strategic Marketing & Consulting. Feasibility Report

The Feasibility report is the most unique part in the BME Programme. During the whole project, we need to behave as young entrepreneurs looking for investments from investors to support and develop our own business, product or services. This really contains, in my perspective, the most important elements in the business area, such as environment analysis, cash flow forecast and also a marketing plan or financial plan. And I think that is also why it makes the Presessional course in the University of Birmingham so special and unique.

04.35 Ignacio Vera Izquierdo, Chile. MSc International Business. Booster Week

Booster Week is the most challenging part of the BME Course because you have to work in teams and the main objective of the Booster Week is to develop a product or a service. It is very good to practise your communication skills because you have to arrange some meetings and send emails to classmates, and also you have to prepare a presentation for all the teachers to convince them that your product or service is the better – the best in class. At they end of the course, your English will improve a lot so you have to take advantage of this opportunity to practise all your communication skills.

05.22 Yuefan Gao, China. MSc Human Resource Management. Booster Weekend

Booster Weekend is a group activity and it was the first time for our BME students to do a Booster Weekend instead of a Booster Week, which means each group was given a case study and we had to finish analysing the case, preparing for the presentation and designing our posters in only three days. So it was quite intensive and challenging and many students were lack of sleep.  But don’t worry, the BME Management Team will organise everything very well and give you proper guidance. So during this process, I think we mainly learned how to use team work to complete a task and we could improve the relationship with our group members and we could also improve some skills, such as critical thinking and analytical abilities.  And in the end, we were all very happy to see the accomplishment and it turned out to be a very good result for each group. So I am pretty sure that this BME Booster Weekend will give you an amazing and precious experience.

06.26 Ardy Priandanu, Indonesia. MSc International Accounting & Finance. Time Management

The thing that I learnt in the BME Course is about to how to field your time management, because in my country if you want to ask about the extension to submit our assessment we can ask the Professor, but in here, we cannot do that because everything is through the internet. So if you are late by around one minute or five minutes, your point will get lost. So, I think before you come here, you must improve your time management and come here and enjoy the course.

07.02 Wisarut Rungsun, Thailand. MSc Investments. Tutorial Support

One of the most impressive parts of BME, is tutoring. Before I came to Birmingham to study BME Course, I wasn’t sure where were I, so with tutorial you talk with your Home Teacher, you know what is your strengths or your weaknesses and you can then start to improve in those areas. And this is very important because the BME is challenging, and very rewarding as well. So this knowledge will guide you throughout this course and also your future studies.

07.45 Wei-Jung Hsu, Taiwan. MSc Marketing. Tips for New Students

I have three tips for new students: firstly, be optimistic because this is a really difficult course so you will need to be optimistic to overcome the pressure. And secondly, be active because it is importance to develop critical thinking, so participate in every conversation is really important. Finally making new friends is also important too, because sometimes you will struggle in your emotions and you couldn’t get out, so that is why friends is really important because they can help you to been through and give you valuable advice to help you been through. So just go outside and meet new friends, especially foreign friends, because that is another advantage for studying in BME Course.

08.42 Astrini Diar Pramasthi, Indonesia. MSc International Accounting & Finance. Social Programme

The BME Course has a Social Organiser who always provides so many interesting activities such as bowling, ice-skating and parties. And the most amazing event was day trips, because after I work so hard in the University, I can go to another city with my friends with the Social Organisers as well, so I recommend you come to this city to join BME Course.

09.16 Thananya Yingkitsathit, Thailand. MSc Marketing Communications. Student Life

Life in Birmingham, especially being a student here, if I could describe it in three words I would say: convenient, fun and friendly. Convenient, because studying in Birmingham Campus, it’s very convenient to travel by train or bus to city centre. And in city centre you can have fun like doing shopping and watching movies and find plenty of restaurants, especially food from your home country. And studying in Birmingham, especially in BME course, because all staff are friendly and you can meet friends from all over the world. So if you are deciding or hesitating to come to study in University of Birmingham or BME Course, don’t be hesitant, because I am enjoying life here and you can do it as well.

The BME is not just an English course; it is a complete programme that combines curricular and extra-curricular activities to help you to improve your abilities in this language.