EAP video transcript

Title: English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
Duration: 3:39
Description: EISU students and staff from 2011 talk about the advantages of studying on a Presessional.

Why study a Presessional course?

Angela Dumatrasco: I had two choices before coming to the Presessional course: either to retake the IELTs or attend a 10-week Presessional course and I chose attending the Presessional course because I think it provides you with the necessary opportunity and platform to improve your academic skills.

Christina Lo: Yeah, I think it’s a brilliant decision to join this course.

Omar Al-Furair: This course will give students the absolute confidence that they need.

Christina Lo: I really find that my English has improved a lot!

An Lin: I also enjoyed the academic writing because I think it’s very useful: how to paraphrase, how to organise, how to summarise and referencing, which is …the most complicated thing.

Clare Williams, EAP Presessional Senior Coordinator: The course that we offer here has a lot to offer compared to an IELTS course or an IELTS test. Students get the opportunity to develop their skills in all sorts of different ways. For one thing, we focus very much on academic writing so students are given lots of academic writing work throughout the year.

Angela Dumatrasco: I think there were two most interesting parts. One is the improvement in my academic writing skills, but another one was also the improvement in my presentation skills.

Clare Williams: Students get a chance to present, working as a group or working individually, which is definitely something they’ll need to do when they progress to their university course.

Jian Ting: I think I got lots of advantages from the Presessional course, but the most important one is that I improved my English skills, such as English listening, speaking, and writing skills.