Inans Ogejuma, MSc student in Communications Engineering and Networks


3:23 mins


My name is Inans Ogejuma, I am doing an MSc in Communications Engineering and Networks and I am from Nigeria. 

I would say what I enjoy most is that challenge that is shown to you to solve a problem. Like all the assignments we’ve been given, it’s not just that you understand something and then you just write down what you’ve understood, you are actually asked to solve a problem, a  lot of times also with incomplete information.  When you look at the project topics they are such that you are addressing a problem in industry or in the society. You are doing something that is new, you are doing something that is novel, you are expected to add to the body of knowledge, so that challenge I think is quite interesting and something to work with.

I have been working as a Telecoms Engineer in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria for a little over ten years now.  I took notes that there had been a lot of  advancements in the field of ICT so I felt it was necessary for me to upgrade my knowledge. That’s why I decided to come to do an MSc.  I would say it’s a very interesting environment.  Interesting from a lot of perspectives. One, the cultural sector, it’s quite useful for you to socialise and to get to know about other people from other places and then the facilities here, they are quite amazing.  You look at the library and it’s well stocked, you look at your computing, the software that you need to use, everything is in place for you to be able to study what it is you want to study.  It’s a cultural meeting point, you know, you have a lot of nationalities here, people from all over the world, especially Chinese, people from Africa, even Europe, so that was one of the reasons why I chose the University of Birmingham. 

When you look around too you see that the university is beautiful. It has a lot of green. So it makes everything about learning here conducive. The level of understanding that is required of you in the MSc programme is a lot deeper than it was in the undergraduate days. You are expected here not only to understand but to move beyond understanding to applying what it is that you’ve learnt in this place. The lecture style is also different. The way it happens here, you have intensive lectures for a very short time and then you are expected to do a lot of self-study and then when you get to look at the kind of assignments they give you also, coupled with the lecture style, it will help to develop in you a problem-solving attitude or culture where in real life it’s like that; you’re expected to solve problems.