Alumni - Brigid Jones, MSc Physics

S1  -  Brigid Jones, MSc Physics.

S1  I’m Brigid Jones, I studied an MSc in Physics and I’m currently working for Birmingham City Council as a councillor for Selly Oak ward and cabinet member for Children and Family Services.

How did studying at the University of Birmingham help you in your chosen career?

S1  At Birmingham there’s a world of opportunities out there as well as your degree so while the degree will give you a fantastic knowledge in your chosen subject and a really broad knowledge base and train you how to think, on top of that there are a ton of extra opportunities that you can access through the Guild of Students, through sporting societies, through your halls of residence, that really do help you to broaden your mind and broaden your outlook and access new opportunities, develop new skills and meet new people. There’s a lot to be had there.

What was the most enjoyable aspect of your studies at Birmingham?

S1  It was having the opportunity to explore new things, so although I took a Physics degree I was able to take a couple of modules in Russian on the side, I was able to explore numerous different issues within that and tailor it to what I was interested in.  But as well as that I was able to enrich it with activities, with societies, with the Guild of Students, and outside of the curriculum and the lecture hall.

What extra-curricular activities did you get involved in?

S1  I tried a few societies before I found one that I really liked.  I tried Amnesty, even the Hide & Seek Society which has now sadly closed down, the Badminton Society, but I really got involved when I joined Birmingham University Labour Students and getting involved in that I decided to run for Guild Council as well.

How did studying at the University of Birmingham help you in your chosen career?

S1  I initially wanted to have a career in science but by getting involved in other activities I found that I had interests in other areas as well and I’m very lucky in that what started out as my hobby at the University of Birmingham has actually become my job today.

What advice would you give to anyone considering studying at Birmingham?

S1  To someone coming to Birmingham I’d say come with an open mind, try new things. There’s a lot of opportunities on your course to broaden your mind, you’ll meet people from all walks of life from all over the country, from different countries that will come with  a completely different perspective on life. You’ll have the opportunity to try new activities. Come with an open mind, try out new things and really do broaden your experience.

What are the most important qualities for graduates to possess today?

S1  I’d say the most important qualities for graduates to possess today are resilience and an open mind. Don’t come in with a fixed expectation of where you’re going to end up when you leave. Come in ready to try new things, new experiences and leave a different person to where you started.