Professor Jon Glasby - Health Services Management Centre transcri

Dr Jon Glasby discusses the work that takes place at the Health Services Management Centre within The University of Birmingham.

Title  Health Services Management Centre
Duration:  2.00 mins

Speaker Names (if given):

S1 Professor Jon Glasby – Director of the Health Services Management Centre


S1 My name’s John Glasby and I’m the Director of the Health Services Management Centre here at the University and we’re a national centre that works very closely with NHS policy makers and with NHS and social care leaders and practitioners. So pretty much everything we do is about researching what would make a better NHS and a better social care system, and then helping policy makers, managers and practitioners, try and put that into practice in the real world. So the strapline of HSMC is ‘Rigour and Relevance in the Delivery of Health and Social Care’. So, pretty much every aspect of HSMC is geared up towards creating a better, fairer society through improving social care services for vulnerable people and through improving healthcare services. 

The building that we work in, Park House, is a former Cadbury mansion that was given across to the University; so the space is very pleasant and that’s really important to the work that we do in terms of the time and the space that it provides to busy managers to come out of the workplace. I think it helps them leave some of the pressure of the day-to-day behind – and in the course of what we do, we work with a range of other areas of the University with the business school, with the medical school, with colleagues in the Institute of Applied Social Studies, trying to take what we’ve learnt about the NHS and about social care and compare and contrast it with what’s going on in other areas of the welfare state, in social security, in housing and communities, and so on. 

I think if I was writing a strapline for the University it would be ‘The University of Birmingham; understand the world and change it’ and many universities are committed to understanding the world but then that’s all they do and for me the hallmark of what Birmingham does is its commitment to implementing its research and to making a practical difference in people’s lives – and for me that’s the high point and the key success factor of the University.