Library Services at the University of Birmingham transcript

Title: Library services at the University of Birmingham
Duration: 4.29 mins

Speaker 1: I was impressed really by the range of subjects that’s covered. You can just find anything there, it’s great!

Speaker 2: Everyone’s there to like tell you where to go and what you need to read so it, it’s, it all becomes a bit of a family in the end.

Speaker 3: Everyone’s very friendly. If you need to know where anything is, the staff are very helpful.

Speaker 4: My first impression was that it was very big and there were loads of books but it was really well managed.

Speaker 5: I think the size of the print collection is really impressive. It was one of the first things that stood out to me when I came to visit the library for the first time.

Speaker 6: So many books and there was like so much of knowledge…It was really awesome.

Speaker 7: Amazed at, you know, the vast amount of resources.

Speaker 8: I normally use the self service machines to take books out. It’s quick and easy. You scan your card. You put your book through. Take it out and the book’s yours.

Speaker 9: The eLibrary’s very important to my studies. I find it very useful to be able to access information away from the library site remotely and that’s one of the great advantages of the eLibrary.

Speaker 10: JustAsk! - This service I think is very good. Once you have any questions you can immediately just type it and they can help… you get the answer and they can respond to you immediately and solve your problem.

Speaker 11: The staff at the Information Desk at the front of the library are wonderful, really helpful. Obviously the library is a big place. You can’t always find everything. You don’t know where everything is. They will be able to point you in the right direction. No problems.

Speaker 12: The training sessions were very useful. They have given me confidence on how to actually use the library resources, how the library is structured, how it’s organized and where to actually ask for help if I need anyone.

Speaker 13: The first time I went to see a Subject Advisor was when I was preparing for an assignment. Our lecturer told us to use an electronic resource which we had never used before and I went to see my Subject Advisor and he explained to me how the resource worked, where I could find it, how I could access it and he gave me some very tailored advice to my assignment and to my actual needs.

Speaker 14: If I’m spending a day in the library, I’ll usually start with the I-lounge, get myself a cup of coffee, socialise a bit. Then if I need any books, I’ll go and find the books that I need for that day. If not I’ll use the eLibrary on a computer or my laptop using the wireless network. And then I’ll head to one of the quiet study areas, get on with my work and then if I’ve got a project on I’ll use one of the group areas. Because if you are doing project work that’s really useful.

Speaker 15: To sum up the library, I would say it’s a knowledge hub. You can get everything and anything over there.

Speaker 16: Without Library Services I couldn’t have completed my BA.

Speaker 17: For me the best thing about the library is the staff. They’ve always got the time of day for you.

Speaker 18: I think it’s just like a home and welcomes you to come here to study. I think for an international student that part is very, very important.

Speaker 19: Literally everything that you need in order to get on with your degree is involved in some form or another in the Library.

Speaker 20: To sum up the library – everything you need to know and more.

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