Lloyds Scholars Programme video transcript


Title: Lloyds Scholars Programme

Duration: 3:49 

Introduction (various speakers): One of the great things about the Lloyds Scholars Programme is the wide range of support that it gives you. Not a lot of people my age have the opportunity to do internships. I wanted to become a Lloyds Scholar mainly because of the opportunities that I thought it would provide.

Richard Cooper (Head of Education and Employability, Lloyds Banking Group): We set up the Lloyds Scholars Programme in 2011 and the ethos was to support young people who are from low income familities and probably don't have the same sort of support network that some of their peers at University would have access to, and to support them through their time at University by providing them with a range of different opportunities.

James (Lloyds Scholar - BA History): I chose to volunteer at Fresh Winds Teaching UK online to people who are searching for jobs.

Lee (Lloyds Scholar - BMus, Music): I chose to volunteer with a shop called Barnados charity shop.

Brandon (Lloyds Scholar - BA Philosophy, Religion & Ehics): I chose to work in Holy Souls Primary School, which is the primary school I attended when I was younger.

Poppie (Lloyds Scholar - MSc Computer Science with Software Engineering): I'm part of the UK Youth Parliamount, so through that I do a lot of facilitating workshops with young people.

Amy (Lloyds Scholar - LLB Law): I volunteering wit a charity called Crisis over Christmas which helps homeless people.

Ahmad (Lloyds Scholar - BEng Mechanical Engineering): I'm going to be at the Big Bang Fair at the NEC, so it's a national event.

Saran (Lloyds Scholar - BA Social Work): I volunteer as a Life Mentor for young people with mental health issues.

Mandeep (Lloyds Scholar - BA History): I chose Winterbourne House and Garden as my volunteering placement.

Jessica Cooper (Scholarship Coordinator, University of Birmingham): The volunteering aspect of the Lloyds Scholars Programme helps the University really strengthen its relationship with the local communities and the charities that are in the area.

James: I fit in my volunteering hours quite well by planning ahead when I'm going to do my work and by fitting it around my timetable.

Richard Cooper: Each scholar will have a mentor who will be with them throughout their time at University and they'll be able to provide them with advice and guidance.

Ronnie Morrison (Lloyds Scholar Mentor/Senior Mnager, Lloyds Banking Group): I think there are general individual worries; we're working with young people who may be away from home for the first time, who may be at University for the first time, so the issues that go and are attached to that are evident.

Lee: Me and my mentor get on really well, I really enjoy speaking with her. she's been a really great support, not just wit hthe Lloyds internships and volunteering but we've been able to talk about anything really.

Jessica Cooper: There are many benefits to the student being part of the Lloyds Scholars Programme - one of the main one is the opportunity to develop employability skills and that's mainly through the internship programme that Lloyds Bank offer.

Richard Cooper: Each scholar gets the opportunity to complete two paid internships - they're ten weeks long and they're doing real jobs in real parts of the business, they're not photocopying and they're not making the tea.

Poppie: Not a lot of first years can say that they're going to get their internships that's all sorted before you've even come to university.

James: I'd definitely recommend applying to the Lloyds Scholarship, because it's a great opportunity to do some volunteering that pushes you into doing something good.

Lee: It's such a worthwhile experience - even if you don't think banks is something you want to go into, it's great for anyone - I mean, I'm a music student.     

Unnamed student: Think big...

Poppie: Then think bigger...

Mandeep: Become...

Unnamed student: A Lloyds...

Brandon: Scholar.

Unnamed student: Open up...

Lee: A world...

Unnamed student: Of new.. 

Unnamed student: Possibilities.