Being a local student transcript

Advice about being a local student at the University of Birmingham

Title:Being a local student at the University of Birmingham
Duration:1.44 mins

Speaker Names (if given):   
S2 Charlotte Ward – Entertainment Officer, Freshers Off Campus Society (FOCSOC)
S4 Tom McNamara, Sports Officer, Freshers off Campus Society (FOCSOC)

S1 I have always lived in Birmingham and I didn’t think I was going to go to Birmingham University, but then it had the really perfect course for me and I really like the campus; so that's why I decided to go.

S2 I actually live in Selly Oak, so it’s not very far away and my brother also came to Birmingham University; so I thought – I went off his experiences and I came here on a couple of Open Days – and just thought I loved the campus, I love the atmosphere around here and I just decided I had to go to Birmingham.

S3 I’m from Selly Oak; so I literally live a couple of miles away from the University.  There are many reasons why I decided to come to the University of Birmingham: obviously the academic record was obviously very attractive, but also the fact that I came here on a lot of school visits and various other trips – and every time I came here I just felt really welcomed. It just seemed like a really friendly atmosphere; so it just felt like the natural choice really.

S2 One of the benefits of being a local student is that you do know where most places are to start with and you can find your way around – and I also kind of know how things work round here; especially with like the nights out as well: I don’t feel nervous going out, I know where I’m going, I know how to get home – and also the distance to the University is brilliant because it means if I’ve got an essay deadline, I know when exactly I’ve got to be in and if I need to nip to the library, it’s close enough for me to come in.

S4 A major benefit obviously is knowing your way around, things like that.  Another thing is living at home is – for me – is just a lot easier than living just in a room somewhere in Edgbaston.  There are advantages obviously with living in Halls but I just quite enjoy having like a house, a lounge all these you know – the home comforts are something that really appeals to me; so that's the reason why I enjoy being a home student.