Working at the University of Birmingham transcript

Staff members from The University of Birmingham talking about the benefits of working at the University, and why it is a great place to work

Title  Working at the University of Birmingham
Duration:  2.52 mins


S1 One of the very good things about Birmingham and working here is the responsivity I think of the way the University is set up. So I think if you come forward with a good idea and you can prove that the idea is good and that you’ve got a good record, then you will get support and I think that’s a great thing for a university not just to be historically tied down but dynamic and changing.

S2 I think what I like most about my career at Birmingham is that it’s so varied and I can literally be one day teaching undergraduates and trying to get the importance of research across to them, yet another day I might be speaking at a conference, really trying to get the message of our research across to my scientific peers. So it's that variability that I think is so exciting.

S3 What’s fantastic about Birmingham is this breadth, you know, it’s the interdisciplinary nature of it and I think that’s what makes Birmingham a really special place to work for me, which is the fact that I can talk to people who are at the top of their fields in all of the areas that surround my subject.

S4 The best things about working at the University of Birmingham are my colleagues who think in truly innovative and novel ways but also clearly the fantastic campus that we have.

S5 The best thing about working at the University of Birmingham is the intellectual enthusiasm that I get from my colleagues and that enables a more dynamic environment for me and facilitates collaborations, which is so essential these days in our research environment.

S6 I like the fact that we can make a difference and have an impact and meet a whole range of people who are interested in what we’ve done and share that knowledge with them. I think that gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

S7 Birmingham has allowed me to nurture my own goals and put a very strong emphasis on my research, benefiting the wider college, University and beyond. So it’s been an incredibly supportive environment, aligning the goals of the University with my own goals.

S8 I really do owe a lot of my career to the time and the attention that the University’s taken to developing its staff and to growing its own for the future. 

S9 I’ve been able to achieve what I’ve set out to achieve and that’s not a comment about my abilities; it’s a comment about the environment that Birmingham provides. Birmingham is very accepting and supportive of people with a translational motivation and it’s just a fantastic place to live and work and research.