300,000 alumni - 12 to watch

The University’s 300,000th student graduated this summer and joined our alumni community. To celebrate this occasion, we asked staff and students to nominate a student to become our symbolic 300,000th alumnus. We were delighted to introduce Shenaid Tapper (BSc Planning and Economics, 2015) as the symbolic 300,000th alumna and followed her journey through her final months as a student and into graduate life.

Due to the volume and quality of nominations, the University was also delighted to introduce its ‘12 to watch’ from the Class of 2015. Each student has been involved in a range of academic and extra-curricular activity across the University and is passionate about their time at Birmingham.


Hannah Bevington (BA Childhood, Culture and Education, 2015)

If you could re-do your time at UoB is there anything you'd do differently?

If I was to do anything differently it would probably be to study abroad for a term in second year. Birmingham has great connections to some really amazing places and it would be cool to gain new experiences in a different country or culture. 


Amy Bainbridge (LLB Law, 2015)

What is your favourite place on campus and why? 

My favourite place on campus is anywhere in sight of Old Joe. The clocktower is awe-inspiring and I remember one of my tutors telling us that every time you look at it you have to remember how hard you worked to get here and use it as motivation throughout your time at university.


Joe Alderman (MBChB Medicine, 2015)

What is the best thing that UoB has given you?

The confidence and self conviction to drive my own adult learning and personal development. There’s quite a big leap in responsibility between being an A-level student and an undergraduate; the adult learning skills my course has let me develop will be vital for my continued education as a junior doctor over the coming years.


Tom Stanley (BSc Economics, 2015)

If you were to give a piece of advice to a current/prospective student at UoB, what would it be?

Plan your time well, make sure you stay ahead of the game with your degree and you should never have to find yourself sacrificing a friend's birthday party for a night in the library!


Suna Yokes (MSci Human Geography, 2015)

If you were to give a piece of advice to current or prospective students at UoB, what would it be?

Try something you’ve never done before. I rarely regret the things I have done. As my favourite quote goes: you never know what result will come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.


Matt Harrison (Bsc Physics, 2015)

Can you sum up your life as as a student in three words?

Three words can’t possibly do it justice, but I would have to go with “formative, enriching, unforgettable.” 


Katrina Coleman (BNurs Nursing, 2015

What has been your greatest achievement at UoB?

?What jumps to mind is when a patient I was caring for took my hand, smiled at me and told me that I’m going to make a great nurse, that was really special. 


Carly Thomas (BSc Chemistry, 2015)

What is your favourite place  on campus and why?

My favourite place is the patch of grass outside the library as when it’s sunny, it’s the perfect place to relax and take a break from work. It’s also the perfect spot for a selfie with Old Joe!


Joe Taylor (BA Sociology, 2015)

Can you sum up your life as a student in three words?                                        

Challenging, awesome, memorable


Alice Power (BA English Language, 2015)

What is the best thing that UOB has given you?

The best thing that UOB has given me is self-belief and confidence. I now have an offer to study a masters here in English Language and Applied Linguistics for 2015/16 which will bring me one step closer to becoming an English Language professional. If it wasn’t for UoB, I would never have believed this for myself.


Ed Fitter (BSc Biochemistry, 2015)

If you could re-do your time at UoB is there anything you'd do differently?

Hard question as I've loved every minute of my time at the University of Birmingham. I've attended the society fair every year since being an undergraduate, my biggest regret is not joining a society. The guild offer and support a massive variety of societies, and if I was to re-do my time here, I would definitely join the battle re-enactment society.


Shenaid Tapper (BSc Planning and Economics, 2015

What’s your favourite place on campus?

It has to be the Learning Centre. I think it’s the best place on campus to study- you can always get a computer!