300,000 alumni

Did you know the University’s 300,000th graduate completed their degree in 2015? 

To celebrate this landmark occasion we are delighted to introduce Shenaid Tapper (BSc Planning and Economics, 2015) as the University's symbolic 300,000th alumna. 


What does being UoB’s 300,000th alumna mean to you?

I’m delighted to be representing the University.

I hope that for current students I can inspire them to try new things and get involved with as much as they can. I hope that following my final year will also bring back happy memories for alumni.

University has really shaped me as a person, and I hope that I can help people to remember what they learnt at Birmingham, including the friends they made and experiences they shared.

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Tell us a bit about yourself.

I live in London and previously attended an all-girls school, so initially found university life in Birmingham to be quite different but I soon settled in, simply because everyone here has been so welcoming.  

I really like trying new things and as such I do not dedicate my free time to any one particular interest but spread my time amongst many the things I enjoy being part of.

I ran the Birmingham Half Marathon last year, and am a real fan of live music so attend a lot of gigs. I prefer the smaller venues in Birmingham as these manage to feel more intimate but I still enjoy a really big concert. I also spend a large portion of my spare time on my work with campus societies.

Which societies do you work with?

ValeFest is definitely the biggest. The chance to be involved in the largest student run festival in the UK has been amazing. We work as a team of 30 people to organise the event, and by the end of the year we became very close because we had worked together for so long. It’s a great feeling seeing everyone enjoy themselves on the day, plus last year we raised £25,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support and Trekstock. I am also Treasurer for the Women in Finance society. We only launched this year but already have 80 members, and have held several talks on campus with organisations including HSBC.

Why did you choose Birmingham?

I wanted a change from London, but also to study and build my independence in a city which I felt was dynamic. I came to visit Birmingham for an open day and fell in love with the campus and city. Everyone was so welcoming, the university had a really good feel to it, and I knew then that I was going to choose Birmingham. My favourite spot on campus has to be the Learning Centre. I think it’s the best place on campus to study. It’s really modern, and you can work in groups in the breakout areas, or by yourself in the quieter study spaces. I’m really looking forward to seeing the completion of the current campus developments, particularly the new library.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

Get involved! There are so many things to do on campus and across Birmingham that you will be sure to find something for you. There are lots of cool things to do in the city centre; go to see live music or comedy events, and definitely go shopping in the Bullring. There is always something happening on campus too, and getting involved in a society is the best way to meet new, likeminded, people.

How has university prepared you for graduate life?

I’ve had a lot of support from the Careers Network. It’s a valuable facility; they have really helped me with writing my CV, and with practice interviews. Hopefully the skills I’ve learned will help me make the transition between university and working life.

What are your plans after graduation?

I’m really excited for graduation day! I’m planning to relax over the summer and do some travelling with friends. We are going to a festival in Croatia, and I’m hoping to travel to South America as well. I’ve never done anything like that before and want to take the chance before working life begins.

I’m delighted to have secured a place on a three-year graduate programme with RBS starting in September. I met them at the careers fair in my first year, and completed a summer internship in my second year. I will be located in either London or Edinburgh and am looking forward to the adventure. I will train as a chartered accountant as part of the programme so I haven’t escaped exams just yet!

10348-300%2c000-Alumni-logo-CMYK-AWClass of 2015 - 12 to watch

Many outstanding students applied to be the University's symbolic 300,000th alumnus. 

Due to the volume and quality of nominations, the University was delighted to not only introduce Shenaid as its 300,000th alumna but also its ‘12 to watch’ from the Class of 2015.

Each student has been involved in a range of academic and extra-curricular activity across the University and is passionate about their time at Birmingham.