Joe Taylor

Joe Taylor ((1))

Joe, a sociology student, is also the founder-president of the Sociology Society, which won Outstanding Society this year at Guild Awards. He has been involved in a phenomenal number of student groups and societies during his time at the University, resulting in him also scooping the award for Outstanding Individual Contribution.

Can you sum up your life as a student in three words?

Challenging, awesome, memorable.

If you could re-do your time at the University is there anything you'd do differently?

If I could re-do my time, then I would have definitely got involved sooner. I was too focused on my academic work and missed out on opportunities to have different experiences, meet new people and have fun! I more than made up for this in my other years but I would have definitely pushed myself further in my 1st year to try new things sooner. Going to university is quite a daunting experience at first, but the best way of overcoming this and making the most out of your time is to throw yourself in!

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