Matt Harrison

Matt Harrison ((4))Matt studies Physics, and on top of this has studied both French and Japanese. Learning French enabled him to have an enjoyable ERASMUS experience in Toulouse, France, which he is keen to promote to other students. He has also joined the UoB Archery Club and competed in the BUTTs League, at BUCS twice and also at other external events.

What is the best thing that the University has given you?

The opportunity to try new things: I started archery in second year and competed for the University at national BUCS competitions. I started learning Japanese thanks to the free language course programme, and I got to live in France for a year on an ERASMUS year abroad offered with my degree. 

What is your favourite place on campus and why?

Apart from the beautiful outside areas on campus, I would say the Physics Coffee Lounge. I couldn’t possibly count the number of hours I’ve spent in there having lunch, taking a break between lectures with my course mates, and studying. I find it much easier to study there with some background noise, rather than in quiet areas like the library for example. Plus the lady who runs the café is lovely! 

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