Old Joe New Friends

The Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower - affectionately known as Old Joe - is one of the many things that make our campus so special. Built in 1905, Old Joe has seen over 300,000 students graduate from the university and remains an integral part of campus life.

Here are a few facts about everyone’s favourite clock tower: 11248 Old Joe Magnet AW

He was built thanks to a charitable gift to the University

@oldjoeclock has his own Twitter account

He’s the tallest free standing clock tower in the world

A pair of peregrine falcons happily nest at the top every year

Superstitious students believe it’s bad luck to walk under Old Joe before you graduate

A double decker bus could fit through the clock face

Old Joe sported a big red bow this year on Student Philanthropy Day to celebrate charitable giving.

He’s not just a pretty face - Old Joe is also a water tower and services the University!

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