Student report: London Professional Network 2014

London-networking-eventCurrent Business Management 4th year  and Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme Student Mitali Gohel describes her experiences at the recent alumni networking event. 

From submitting my last ever essay of my undergraduate degree in the morning, to being elevated 191m to enjoy panoramic views of London from the BT Tower in the evening - a lot can happen in 24 hours!

Being a final year Business student I was ecstatic to be invited to join Birmingham Alumni working across all sectors from corporate finance to law and technology for an evening. Sharing canapés and fine wine with alumni was a great opportunity to learn about life after graduation. As my finals are fast approaching it was great to see how The University of Birmingham has become ‘The University of the Year’ nationally and how this was perceived by alumni. The Dean of the Business School in particular highlighted some of the great attributes of Birmingham alumni as ambitious, entrepreneurial and world-class. A sentiment shared with great pride by all of the attendees!

As a current student brimming with ambition and empowered with knowledge gained from my degree, it was incredible to discuss the different professions that alumni has pursued. From entrepreneurial ventures in Finance to meeting the COO of BT I was inspired by what I could achieve in my future career. The evening highlighted to me the importance of being connected to The University of Birmingham as I get closer to graduation. As the evening went on, I took time to reflect on all that the University has given to me. From finding my best friends to igniting my passions in business through internship opportunities. From providing scholarships for pursuing my ambition to redress gender inequality in India, to being mentored by Martin Devenish on the Alumni Leadership Programme; the event was a perfect way to celebrate what an incredibly empowering institution Birmingham has been for me. In particular, I learnt that as I enter the Alumni network going forward, there are so many opportunities that await me as a graduate. I am excited by the prospects of the future, and as I picked up my coat I was already looking forward to attending the event the following year, this time, as an alumni in the big city!

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