Give. Volunteer. Change 10,000 Lives.

#Change10000LivesYou can help change 10,000 lives by making a donation or giving your time.

The 10,000 Lives appeal has the ambitious aim of changing 10,000 lives through your support. Together we can raise aspirations in 11-18 year olds, develop confident, employable students and support our young alumni as they start their post-University life. Your donation will help fund scholarships to improve access to education, or you could volunteer as a mentor or provide paid internships to students.

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About the appeal

You can help make possible genuinely life-changing education experiences, from summer schools for teenagers who have never considered university, to scholarships for those who could not otherwise afford to study here.


Did you know?

  • £1,000 would provide a bursary to help an Access to Birmingham (A2B) student with living costs
  • £100 or more could support a student completing an internship that could change their whole career
  • Please talk to us about making a larger gift and how your gift could change lives

A gift of any amount will make a real difference and help us to change 10,000 lives. To support this exciting appeal, please go to the donation form. If you would like to discuss your gift in more detail, or set up a direct debit, please give us a call on +44 (0)121 414 8895 / 414 8894 or email Thank you! 

Make a donation

You can change futures by making a donation to help young people study here at the University. Your gift will fund:

  • Scholarships for everyone from young carers to musicians. Speak to us about how you might want to personalise a scholarship programme
  • Summer schools encouraging bright teenagers to consider applying to the University
  • Paid internships
  • The Access to Birmingham (A2B) outreach scheme for pupils under-represented in Higher Education
  • Financial assistance for A2B students

Alumni and supporters who are taxpayers in the USA can support 10,000 Lives through BSUF (British Schools and Universities Foundation).


#Change10000LivesYou can change futures by volunteering your time to help students become confident and employable graduates. From mentoring to hosting a work experience placement or internship, there are numerous ways to get involved.

#Change10000Lives young alumna

Become a volunteer

Would you like to change lives? We would love to hear from you if you are interested in helping with any of the following areas - please fill in the form below:

  • Hosting paid internships - students are paid (at National Minimum Wage or above) to work on real-life projects, typically for between 4-12 weeks over the summer. Contact Kam Manku to find out more.
  • Virtual internships - these are like paid internships but take place remotely, enabling businesses across the UK to be involved. More information is available from Kam Manku.
  • Offering work experience - a short-term experience of unpaid employment (of no longer than 20 days), during which the student(s) will assist with tasks and get a feel for a specific professional field.
  • Name
  • I would like to offer my help (If you are interested in becoming a mentor to a student, please go to the Careers Network site):

Frequently asked questions

What is 10,000 Lives?

10,000 Lives is a University of Birmingham appeal that will provide life-changing opportunities for 10,000 young people. Drawing together initiatives across the spectrum of fundraising, volunteering and outreach, the appeal will aim to raise the aspirations of young people aged 11-18, enhance the learning experience of current students, and give alumni aged up to 25 the best possible start to their careers after graduation.

Why 10,000?

To truly have impact, we need to be ambitious. We analysed our past performance and challenged ourselves to go further, motivated by the drive to innovate, to put the beneficiaries at the heart of the appeal, and to bring donors and volunteers closer to the cause.

So why 10,000? In the simplest terms, this figure will mean the 10,000 Lives appeal will represent a marked increase in the number of life-changing opportunities provided by the University over similar timeframes in the past.

And more than this, the appeal is pioneering in the way it focuses on the impact of the opportunities given to young people, as well as the amount of money raised or the number of hours volunteered.

Our belief is that achieving the ambitious target of 10,000 lives changed will truly represent the significant impact our donors and volunteers have on the lives of young people.

How are you defining a 'life-changing opportunity'?

A life-changing opportunity is categorised as support given to a person aged 11-25 years which aims to improve access, raise aspirations and/or enhance achievements, which may not have been possible without the University’s assistance.

At the launch of the appeal, this will include scholarships, bursaries, exclusive degree apprenticeships, internships, students receiving mentoring, and targeted outreach programmes, e.g. work experience.

Isn't going to University always a life-changing experience?

Yes, we hope so! As the first civic university, providing our students with an experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives no matter their background has been at the heart of our educational mission since our founding in 1900.

10,000 Lives seeks to build on this mission. The appeal will focus on programmes which go above and beyond the norm, namely as a result of philanthropic donations, volunteering, or programmes that add value but are not intrinsic to the ‘ordinary’ student journey towards attaining a degree.

How long will the appeal last?

The focus of the appeal is on the quality of the support given to young people, so this – as opposed to the timeframe in which we can provide meaningful opportunities – will remain our main aim throughout. That said, we hope to have changed 10,000 lives within two-three years.

How will you report the number of lives changed? Where can the information be accessed?

You will be able to follow the appeal's progress on this web page. We will provide a running total of life-changing opportunities granted by the University of Birmingham, as well as case studies and stories exploring the impact these have had for our beneficiaries.

Which areas of the University are involved?

10,000 Lives brings together professionals in Development & Alumni Relations, Careers Network, Outreach, the academy, UBSport, and the Guild of Students. We hope, over the course of the appeal, that more areas of the University will have the opportunity to get involved too.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by donating your time or money to the University’s many student support initiatives, and there will be a number of special events and activities over the course of the appeal to keep your eyes peeled for! Additional information will be posted on this page.