Staff fundraising

An opportunity to support life-changing projects taking place right here on campus.

DAY 5- Decade Day 3

By having dress down days, lunchtime quizzes, bake sales, or games in the office, you can support University projects that will help to make a difference to people locally and across the world. The University is a charity and our projects seek to tackle the major challenges of our time - so you can be sure to find an area to support wherever your passion lies.

Our annual Staff Fundraising Week took place 13-17 February 2017 concluding with the BUAFTA’s ceremony on 17 February. All proceeds from the sales of BUAFTA raffle tickets and all the exciting fundraising activities that took place during Staff Fundraising Week went towards our early miscarriage research taking place right here at the University.

With nearly 30 events across campus, staff raised an amazing £5,000 towards the research. Together with BUAFTA ticket sales, this amounted to over £10,000 - thank you! To give you an idea of what this could do;

£10,000 – could fund a feasibility study for a new test to pick up immune, genetic or sperm DNA related miscarriage

£1000 – could fund four sperm DNA fragmentation tests

£50 – could fund trial medication for a miscarriage prevention trial (e.g. treatment for sperm DNA damage)

£30 – could fund consumables such as; basic immune testing kit, basic testing kit for sperm or blood tubes for DNA analysis.

Your support will help us understand why miscarriage happens, if it it likely to happen again, how to prevent it, and how to provide appropriate aftercare.

You don’t have to wait until next year to raise funds for University projects. To get involved, you can download a fundraising pack now. Please feel free to get in touch for any support, guidance, or just to let us know about your fundraising activity at or on 0121 414 8895.

You can still donate online here or you can donate via text DARO99 and an amount of £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070.

Events for 2017

  • International Relations held an event the week before Staff Fundraising Week to kick start the fundraising with a dress down day raising £29.15.
  • DARO held various events all week, with their flagship event, 'The Craft & Cake Bonaza' starting the week in style at Staff House. The team raised £394.99.
  • IT Services held their annual games night and a bake sale and to raise £150.
  • Jonathan Ward from Civil Engineering raised £130 for his 'Great British Beard Off'. Shaving off his beard of 10 years!
  • The Birmingham Professional Quiz had more that 20 teams take part (which required emergency answer sheets to be printed off because there was more people than expected. The event raised £255.47 and is now looking to become a regular fixture in the University calendar.
  • The miscarriage research project team along with The Institute of Applied Research held a cake sale and competition in the Learning Centre and raised £242.25.
  • The School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences held a dinosaur themed cake sale and raised £200. Star baker goes to Kay West, whose Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cake was swiftly demolished!
  • Bake sales seemed to be a very popular choice with The School of Philosophy, Theology and ReligionThe Senior Officer network and International Recruitment holding very successful sales raising £249, £186.22 and £252.20 respectively. Staff love cake!
  • HAS were involved in many different ways. They held a cake sale and quiz in their offices as well as donating £1500 from water bottle sales over the last 12 months (we received 5p from the suppliers for every bottle sold across campus). All cafe outlets across campus also donated 5p for every portion of traybake cake sold during the week. In total, HAS raised £1780.60.
  • Our student fundraisers from the DARO call room donated a portion of their paid work time to hold a dress down, bake sale and quiz, as well as a biscuit eating competition. Their time given totalled £111.35.
  • The Cadbury Research Library held a emoji quiz to raise £99.
  • HR raised £261 through a variety of office activities including a dress down day, raffle and bake sale.
  • Dress down days also proved popular with Finance, Newcore and The Research, Knowledge and Transfer teams all getting involved. They raised £143.14, £229 and £105.10 respectively.
  • Academic Services were thinking outside the box a little when they organised a 'Where on Campus' picture quiz. They raised £30.


Top Fundraising Tips

Get started….

  • Grab a hot drink and read about the University's charitable projects to choose an area of research that you would like your fundraising activity to support.

  • Check out our workplace fundraising ideas or download your fundraising pack for some inspiration and decide what you’re going to do. 

  • Hosting an event? Get some volunteers together (cake bakers, raffle ticket sellers, quiz masters etc...) to help organise your activities and spread the word in your office. 

  • Set up a University of Birmingham charity online donation JustGiving page to help raise funds! If you are organising a dress down day or sponsored event, JustGiving is an easy way to collect donations online. By setting up a page you can also share the link to spread the word about your fundraising efforts and create a text to donate code. Check out JustGiving’s top tips here.

  • Let the DARO team know your plans – we’d love to know and offer our support by making your fundraising as successful as possible. Contact the Development Office at or on (0121 41) 48895. 

During your event...

  • Don’t forget to take photos and share them with us on social media. We’d love to see what you’re up to!

  • Have Fun! Fundraising is a great opportunity to team build and socialise with your colleagues whilst supporting revolutionary research happening right here on our campus. 

After the big event…

  • Round up all the donations and follow the steps in our fundraising pack of how to hand your money in.

  • Give yourselves a pat on the back and let everyone involved know about the success of your event! 

Workplace Fundraising Ideas

Gather your colleagues together for a social event and have fun raising money for research. Take a look at some fundraising ideas below that can be carried out in the office.

Best/Worst Tie: Charge your colleagues a fee to enter your best or worst tie competition. Offer a decent prize and have the entire office vote at lunchtime. For an extra bit of fun you could have a little fashion show. However, don't restrict this competition to the boys - come on ladies, this is your chance to put the chaps to shame!

CoffeeCupsStaffFundraisingSponsored tea and coffee runs: Ask your colleagues to sponsor you to make them coffee and tea for the day. Take turns in the office so that someone each day is responsible for tea and coffee. Alternatively, you can charge per tea and coffee made.

Office jukebox: Bring a set of speakers from home for colleagues to pay to hear their favourite tune throughout the working day!

Dress down or dress up days: Ask everybody in the office to make a donation to be able to join in with a dress down day at work. Fancy making it more fun? Why not have a theme, such as 'What I wore when I was 16...'


Pub lunch quiz: Everybody loves a good pub quiz! Host your own during a lunch hour for people in your office to donate to enter in small teams.

Bake off: Get inspired by Great Britain's favourite baking show and host a lunchtime bake off! Get people in the office to pay to have a slice of cake and to vote for the office's best baker. 

If you’re planning a cake sale or an event involving food and drink on campus, Hospitality and Accommodation Services kindly request you to complete this form and return to them 10 days before your event. It only takes a few minutes – we’ve highlighted the areas for you to complete and even pre-filled some of it for you. You’ll also find these food hygiene guidelines useful to read and share with any budding bakers among your volunteers! To ensure your event is healthy and safe, make sure to label any allergenic foods (i.e. nuts) and ask volunteers not to bring bakes containing raw eggs or fresh cream. 

chocolate orange cupcakes


Ban the buzzwords: Are there certain words that are constantly used in your office? 'review', 'budget', 'email'... Why not ban them for staff giving week and charge £1 each time somebody slips up and says a buzzword!

Guess who: Ask your office to bring in photos of themselves as a baby or child to play a lunchtime game of 'guess who'. Charge your colleagues entry to guess and give a prize to the person who gets the most right.

Staff Fundraising Week 2016

From office fairgrounds to charity cocktails and dress down days, staff joined together attending various social events and activities during Staff Fundraising Week in February to raise money for Dr Frank Mussai’s research into childhood cancer. With an array of cake sales giving Mary Berry a run for her position on The Great British Bake Off, the initial target of £1,000 for the week was successfully achieved by day three and a grand total of £2,637.12 was raised. 

Take a look at the Staff Fundraising Week Storify to see what your colleagues got up to!

Together with money raised by the BUAFTA raffle, £8,135.37 was contributed by staff during the week. This is helping Dr Mussai and his team of researchers at the University to develop ways to use the immune system to fight cancer. In children, this has a transformative impact on their treatment options by avoiding treatment with toxic drugs such as chemotherapy and unlocking the door to life-saving new cures for any patient with cancer.

A huge thank you to all staff that supported Staff Fundraising Week by donating their time and money to change children's lives.