The Birmingham Institute for Gravitational Wave Astronomy

The University of Birmingham played a leading role in the discovery of gravitational waves, which confirmed Einstein's description of gravity and the nature of space, and will change the face of astronomy.

With world-leading experts in the field, the University is well-placed to lead global research to progress a discovery that heralds a new era of science, and has proposed to establish the Birmingham Institute for Gravitational Wave Astronomy, the first of its kind.

What's the impact?

The discovery of gravitational waves will allow previously hidden objects (such as black holes) to be observed for the first time. Supporting the Institute will signal the UK's ambition to be at the forefront of future progress in this exciting field.

Why Birmingham?

Birmingham's Gravitational Wave Research Group can claim a substantial part of the credit for the discovery. Members of the group developed and built hardware for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and LIGO Project. A new Institute building, matched by University investment in facilities and staff will realise the project's full potential.

How you can help

Investment in a new building, alongside the University's input, would create R&D and scientific opportunities, as well as a development hub for UK industry. For further information about this project and how you can help, email