Transplant research

Around 7,000 people in the UK are in need of an organ transplant but only 4,000 donations are available on average each year. Your support for medical innovation could help address this shortfall.

Only one in 100 people across the UK die in circumstances where their organs can be considered for transplantation. This means every potential donor and donation is of vital importance.

Here at Birmingham, we are seeking to address the barriers to donation, create innovative methods of preservation and pioneer new treatments that allow both donor and recipient to live heathier, illness-free lives post-donation.

The transplant research fund will be used to establish a task force to bring together research and care across Birmingham Health Partners (BHP) to focus our efforts and celebrate our successes. By enabling this more multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach this group will help answer the key questions in transplantation research and deliver life-changing patient outcomes.

As an international leader in transplant research, Birmingham's latest advances build on more than 40 years of excellence in the field. We are uniquely placed to address these national challenges at an unrivalled scale and pace, thanks to the largest solid organ transplant centre in Europe, harnessing expertise from across the discipline, co-located as part of one of the country’s most comprehensive healthcare campuses and with access to one of the largest, youngest and most ethnically diverse local populations in Europe.

With your support, our experts will be able to focus on enabling the great ideas that emerge from our new multi-disciplinary workshops and seek to answer the key challenges faced by clinicians and patients.

How you can help

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