Freedom of Religion

Religion is increasingly prevalent in contemporary culture, and our beliefs or non-beliefs affect our opinions and lifestyle decisions - from how we behave in the workplace to which foods we eat, what clothes we choose or even how healthy we are.

In a country which is extremely diverse – both culturally and religiously – it is ever more important that we can understand and communicate effectively with those who live around us. Communication leads to understanding, and understanding leads to our acceptance of those who are different from us, supporting patient and peaceful exchange between communities.

The Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion was established in 2014 to bring together academics from one of the top-rated Departments of Theology in the UK with on-the-ground community engagement officers, to understand what effect religion has on us and how we can best communicate this amongst our communities. Birmingham provides the ideal location for this work, as the most interreligious city in the UK.

Our work on public engagement with faith communities has huge potential for expansion, but lack of resources is preventing us from growing our provision in this area. We’re seeking support to fund three new Community Engagement Officers in order to roll-out our education and research programmes to more faith communities, not only benefitting the community directly but building a bank of knowledge and tailored educational resources that could be shared more widely.

How you can help

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