Race and education

While issues of race have received widespread attention on either side of the Atlantic - including in incidents involving British and US law enforcement, and racist attitudes in sport - racial inequality in education has been overshadowed and largely ignored.

CRRE-02In 2013 the Centre for Research in Race & Education (CRRE) was launched at the University of Birmingham. The centre is England’s only university-based research centre to put a focus on racism in education at the heart of its work.

The CRRE mission is to pursue race equality and social justice by working to close gaps in educational achievement and improve the educational experiences and career outcomes of Black and minority ethnic people. The Centre's Deputy Director Dr Paul Warmington outlined the current state of racial equality in the UK in an interview in the alumni magazine Old Joe.

National connections

One of the Centre's current research projects is to analyse how race equality in education in the UK has changed in the past 20 years. Academics are aiming to provide a truly authorative picture of the evolving landscape of educational achievement and experience in relation to ethnic diversity.

With strong links to key policy makers and community groups, the reputation of the Centre's research meant that it became the first location outside London to host the 'British Schools and the Black Child Conference', led by Diane Abbott MP.

It has also been involved in national educational policy-making, highlighting how educational underachievement continues to be more prevalent for ethnic minority groups in Britain.

How you can help

CRRE-01Minority ethnic scholars are significantly under-represented in the highest ranks of university academics. Only 85 of the UK's 18,500 professors are Black.

We are now seeking a grant to fund a full-time doctoral researcher in Race Equality and Education, to be based in the CRRE. The grant will enable the successful candidate to make a profound contribution to this cutting-edge research on racial inequity in education.

Email giving@contacts.bham.ac.uk, or make a donation today at www.bhamalumni.org/givenow.