Benefits of graduate internships

Graduate internships are an important (and underused) resource for you to gain that first role in an industry of interest post-graduation. In a recruitment market that has become more weighted in the favour of the employer and with fewer employers offering permanent graduate roles it is wise to consider these much more flexible methods of employment to help you achieve your career goals.

Finding graduate internships

There are a variety of ways of sourcing a graduate internship. Often employers can be contacted directly to check on suitable vacancies or you can go through third party organisations like Graduate Advantage or Inspiring Interns. With this in mind it is now easier than ever before to find a suitable internship; as employers recognise the benefits of recruiting graduates to work for them on a particular project or for a pre-determined length of time they’re more open to this method of recruitment. In many cases graduate interns prove their value to their employer and are offered a permanent contract at the end of their agreed placement.


The benefits you’ll find from this are more than just the rise in the availability of roles, however. The nature of a shorter period of employment works both ways – you’ll be able to work for an organisation for a set amount of time and get a really good overview of what it’s like to work in a particular job, company or industry without the commitment of a permanent position. Perfect if you’re trying to find the career that really interests you. If you add to this the usual development of skills, knowledge and contacts then it really can be a useful way of taking those first steps into the world of work.