Reunion Attendance List

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Please note: This is a list of people who have given their express permission to appear on our online list, and not a full list of attendees. This list will be updated on a weekly basis.


Bruce Coleman (BSc Physics)

Freda Cook (Parry) (BSc Physics)

Clive Bradley (BSc Physics)

Raymond Heitzman (BSc Chemistry)

Elizabeth Matthews nee Pehrson (BSc Physics)

Gerald Myatt (BSc Physics)

Peter Newman (BSc Chemistry, 1959 MSc Chemistry)

Derek Pooley (BSc Chemistry)

David Riley (BSc Chemistry, 1962 PhD Chemistry)

Ken Severs (BSc Chemical Engineering)

Arnold Watkins (BSc Chemistry)

Elizabeth Wright nee Harris (BSc Bacteriology)



Michael Bowen (BSc Chemical Engineering, 1963 PhD Chemical Engineering)

Graham Davies (BSc Chemical Engineering, 1963 PhD Chemical Engineering)

Derek Lloyd (BSc Chemical Engineering, 1963 PhD Chemical Engineering)

Peter Grayson (BSc Chemical Engineering)

Peter Handley (BSc Mechanical Engineering)

James Hawkesley (BSc Chemical Engineering, 1961 MSc Chemical Engineering, 1963 PhD Chemical Engineering)

Keith Masters (BSc Chemical Engineering, 1964 PhD Chemical Engineering)

Raymond Mills (BSc Chemical Engineering, 1962 MSc Chemical Engineering)

Roger Pelham (BSc Chemical Engineering)

Roy Reynolds (BSc Chemical Engineering)

John Templeman (BSc Chemical Engineering, 1967 PhD Chemical Engineering)

Jack Turner (BSc Chemical Engineering)

Rich Vose (BSc Chemical Engineering, 1963 PhD Chemical Engineering)

John Warton (BSc Chemical Engineering, 1963 PhD Chemical Engineering)

Christopher Whitfield (BSc Chemical Engineering, 1962 MSc Chemical Engineering )



Michael Briggs (BSc Chemical Engineering, 1967 PhD Chemical Engineering)



Cherry Bombeck nee Twitchen (BA Geography)

Sheila Oxspring (BSc Education)



Roy Arthurton (BSc Chemistry)

Philip Arundel (BSc Mechanical Engineering, 1971 PhD Mechanical Engineering)

Brian Bakewell (BSc Mechanical Engineering, 1973 PhD Mechanical Engineering)

Ashley Beeby (BSc Chemistry)

Heather L Brown (BSocSc Social Policy and Social Work)

Peter Dodman (BSc Chemistry, 1971 PhD Chemistry)

Graham Hull (BSc Physics)

Rodney Mullick (BSc Electronic & Electrical Engineering)

John Simmons (BSc Mechanical Engineering)

Martin Waldron (BSc Electronic & Electrical Engineering)

Christopher Williams (BSc Mechanical Engineering)



Ron Champion (BSc Mechanical Engineering)



Joseph O'Meara (BSc Biochemistry)



Alan Brough (BSc Chemistry)

Pat Keep (BSc Chemistry)



Janet Caswell (BA German & Russian)

Christopher Hayward (BA French Language & Literature)



Anne O'Meara nee Biddle (LLB Law)



Peter Franklin (BSc Civil Engineering)

Richard Fry (BSc Geological Sciences, 1979 MSc Geological Sciences)

Laurence Gibbs (MBChB Medicine)

Elizabeth Isger (BSc Biological Sciences)

John McGoldrick (BSc Civil Engineering)

Adrian McNamee (BSc Biochemistry)

Linda McSherry (BSc Civil Engineering)

Philip Mitcheson (LLB Law)

Rosemary Nash (BSc Civil Engineering)

Martin Pick (LLB Law)

Jennifer Reynolds (MBChB Medicine)

Gordon Taylor (BSc Geological Sciences, 1979 MSc Civil Engineering)

Hilary Townsend nee Barkby (BSc Geological Sciences, 2012 PGCert Special Education Autism (Children))

Alison Whelan nee Smith (MBChB Medicine)

Chris White (BSc Geological Sciences, 1981 MSc Geological Sciences)



Ibelema Cookey (MBChB Medicine)



David Hazel (BSc Physics)



Pauline Cole (LLB Law)



Claire Gould (BA American Studies)

Vanessa Goodfellow Ward (BA English)

Trudy Feltham nee Shearing (BSc Psychology and Physical Education)



Helen Cox (BSc Pharmacology, 1988 MBChB Medicine, 2006 MD Medicine)



Sue Thurlow (BSocSc Social Policy and Social Work)



Anthony Morris (BA Pure Mathematics)

Raymond Whitley (LLB Law)



Robert Devonport (MEng Mechanical Engineering Manufacture and Management)



Sian Edmunds (LLB Law)

Catherine Wells (BA English)



Kate Catt nee Wensley (BA Classics and Classical Archaeology)

Merowyn Yu nee Cobbett (BA Classics and Classical Archaeology)

Victoria Gould (BSc Biological Sciences)

Mark Simmonds (BSc Biological Sciences)

Nicki Merrett nee Smith (BA Classics and Classical Archaeology)

Samantha Taylor (BA Ancient History and Archeology)



Hannah Wrigley (MBChB Medicine)