Alumni Gathering in Chennai - 28 February 2013

Kerrie Holland, Volunteer Relationship Manager, hosted an informal gathering for alumni in Chennai, India.  Kerrie said: "It’s always good to meet alumni and makes me realise what a brave decision it is to pack up and study overseas (in most cases, their first visit to the UK was when they arrived at the University). Without exception, they have enjoyed their time at Birmingham – one alumnus sent me a message after a gathering to say ‘It was lovely to meet - I feel rejuvenated as I've been missing England so much’ – and many have commented that it totally changed them as people."

Another common theme from all alumni, whether they graduated thirty years or three months ago is that the quality of the education at Birmingham was very high, the level of independence in thought, research and learning is very different to that of many Indian educational institutions. Kerrie was told that “We were rigorously taught to understand the concepts, not just to learn from books” and that “Birmingham taught me to think and learn independently”.