"Brummie Masters of Hydrogeology" Dinner - 9 May 2013

On 9th May, MSc Hydrogeology graduates from 1973 to 2012 now based in Western Australia, hosted their second "Brummie Masters of Hydrogeology" dinner with the guest of honour Professor John Lloyd.

The group gathers over beer and curry and on this occasion they toasted John who was in Perth as a keynote of the Australian Water Associations Ozwater '13 Conference.  Many personal stories linking the team and their various journeys to and from Western Australia were exchanged and discussions over what such an eminent group should represent were initiated.  Their next planned gathering will be around the IAH Conference in Perth in September 2013 and the group looks forward to welcoming other Birmingham MSc Hydrogeology graduates to link in and join them.

Group contact in Western Australia: Doug Brown (1988 MSc Hydrogeology)
LinkedIn Group: "Brummie Masters of Hydrogeology"

Brummie Masters of Hydrogeology with Prof J Lloyd, Perth, May 2013