Alumni Gathering in San Diego - 5 January 2013

On Saturday 5 January 2013 there was an event at the History Center in San Diego and The Prado restaurant in Balboa Park. Participants included, from left to right: Jaspreet Dosanjh, Mariana Montalvo, Richard Garcia, Gillian Garcia, Katherine Proctor (nee Davis), Ray Proctor, Anita Marovac (Brian Beeston's friend) and Brian Beeston.

Alumni in San Diego

Gillian & Richard Garcia wrote: We went to our first UB alumni meeting in San Diego on Saturday 5 January 2013.  It was just great and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. There is a meeting in Northern California next month which we are planning to attend.  May we also say how much we enjoyed the electronic Christmas card with the audio of the carol sung in the Great Hall  Thank you for your hard copy card. I will keep the picture of the Main Building in the snow.