Volunteers are very important to us. We never underestimate the support or effectiveness of Birmingham alumni and friends.

Join our fantastic volunteers currently supporting University of Birmingham and share your skills and experience with current students, or by supporting a wide range of exciting projects.

Take a look at some of the current ways to get involved below.


"As alumni, we are truly an invaluable resource to Birmingham. We are the University’s best ambassadors, its truest friends and its proven track record.”

Inspire prospective students with a quote about your time at Birmingham

Feature in our University Recruitment materials and inspire prospective students

We want to hear what made you say “Yes!” to Birmingham. Was it the redbrick campus, course, student societies, the city, or something else? We’d like you to share your favourite thoughts of your course and the University with the next generation of Birmingham students.

We are always looking for quotes from alumni to include in our recruitment materials, prospectuses and website. Can you answer one or more of the following questions?

What did you enjoy about your course?

How did your studies prepare you for your future career?

What was your favourite thing about the University?

Please email your quotes to  alumni-volunteers@contacts.bham.ac.uk with your contact details if you'd like to get involved.

Get involved with our social media campaign #wearebrumalum

Help inspire prospective students, raise awareness of Birmingham alumni success stories and tell us what you are doing now as a Birmingham graduate by contributing to our Birmingham Alumni social media campaign in the following ways:

- take a selfie doing your day job. You might be in court, working on a film set, training at an army barracks, campaigning for a political position or conducting an experiment. Whatever you get up to from 9-5 (or whenever you are at work), we want to see it

- take a selfie at a place of interest in your home town/country to help raise awareness of our global alumni community 

- tell us about a professional acheivement that you are proud of and would be happy to share with the rest of our alumni and student community

- tell us about what makes you proud to be a Birmingham graduate 

AND, don't forget to use the hashtag #wearebrumalum

Can you offer work experience, an internship or a placement to a current Birmingham student?

Work experience

This is a short-term experience of employment (no more than 20 days), and is unpaid, during which the student(s) will assist with tasks and ‘get a feel’ for a specific professional field. Students can help on a specific project that you need support with.


Do you want to hire an intern? Internships are paid opportunities (at National Minimum Wage or above) for students to work on real-life projects, adding value to your business. They typically last between 4-12 weeks over the summer, although some students may seek part-time internships during term-time. We can advertise internships for free through our vacancy portal.


Placements are embedded within an academic course, and allow students to work on a specific project related to their degree. This typically takes place one day per week over the course of one or two academic terms. We are currently looking for placements for a range of degree programmes, from medicine to creative writing.

If you think you can help, please contact our Head of Volunteering Becky Mitchell at r.mitchell.1@bham.ac.uk  or 0121 414 6682.

Birmingham 1000 Elders - MDS Alumni

Are you in good health, over the age of 65 and within one hour of the university? Would you like to make a contribution to Research within the University? If so we’d love to add you to our Birmingham 1000 Elders group.

Our research varies from questionnaires to involvement in medical research including research into heart disease, infections in old age and falls. The involvement of the group has been crucial to the research activity of the University of Birmingham and in particular to the work carried out relating to older adults, and helps us to design, develop and delivery research that is directly relevant to your health and wellbeing.

For further information and to join the 1000 Elders please see our Public involvement website

Can you promote our MOOCs? (Massive Open Online Courses)

Can you share and promote our Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) - these are free, open, online courses designed to offer a taste of higher education to learners from across the UK and the world. The University of Birmingham is delivering new MOOCs in partnership with Futurelearn, the UK’s first MOOCs provider established by the Open University.

Delivered by world-class academics from the University of Birmingham, the courses enable learners worldwide to sample high-quality academic content via an interactive web-based platform from a leading global University, increasing access to higher education for a whole new cohort of learners.

The courses have been developed by senior academic staff and their content is quality-assured in line with our other programmes. The courses do not offer credits towards admission to the University of Birmingham.

Current courses include:

Please use the links above to share specific courses or the following link for more information: MOOCs

Physical activity interventions and changes in body composition and metabolism

Do you want to part in a clinical trial within the Sport and Exercise Sciences department? The trial is for women between 25 – 50, and the aim of the game is to improve their level of fitness. The team involved are fantastic – really friendly, encouraging and totally passionate about improving people’s health. 

For more information see our bodycomp website. 

Guild Of Graduates & Alumni Association (GGAA) Committee

Are you able to help with liaison between Graduates, the Alumni office and the University and assist with planning Anniversary Reunion Days, organising events and processing at Degree congregations?

For more information please contact the GGAA President.

Interested in being a speaker at Careers Events?...

Our college teams and Careers Network are keen to have speakers at various careers events on campus from alumni who can talk about their careers outside academia and help inspire students to think about the options available to them. This can often be an informal talk or sometimes a more formal presentation. 

To register your interest please email: alumni-volunteers@contacts.bham.ac.uk

Host an Event

We are always looking for new and exciting venues at which to host alumni events, both in the UK and overseas. If you work in, or have access to, an exclusive or prestigious building and would be willing to host an event please contact alumnievents@contacts.bham.ac.uk.

Commitment: Four hours (pre-event planning, as well as attendance at the event itself)

Mentoring a Student...

Could you mentor a student?

Our mentoring scheme aims to match every student who wants to participate to an Alumni Mentor with relevant experience in the student’s career area of interest. The mentoring scheme runs each year from November until the following summer, and you should be prepared to give about an hour per month of your time. Ideally, you will be able to meet your student mentee at least once face-to-face during the scheme, but we have had successful mentoring partnerships with international mentors too and mentoring can also take place by phone, e-mail and Skype. The aim of the programme is to help students prepare to find a job when they leave University, and activities could include reviewing CVs and applications, giving information and advice about their chosen career, helping them to identify potential careers, encouraging them to source work experience and internships and being a general source of support and guidance.

We welcome interest from all alumni – you do not have to have mentored before or reached the ‘top’ of your career to be able to be a mentor and we are also keen to hear from young alumni. You will only be matched to a student where relevant and we provide guidance and support on the mentoring process.

If you are interested in mentoring a student, please email
alumni-volunteers@contacts.bham.ac.uk with a brief summary of your career area.

For information, visit the Careers Network Mentoring Scheme website.

Participants needed for cognitive processes study

CANTAB, a computerised test, is being used to study cognitive processes. The study involves one hour-long session that incorporates a questionnaire and simple CANTAB tests. Volunteers will need to healthy, adult, native English speakers, and aged over 40.

For details contact Iraida Neira Ixn082@bham.ac.uk.

Postgraduate Research Alumni - Guest Speakers and Career Profiles

The University Graduate are interested in speakers who can provide insight into non-academic careers following Postgraduate Research, and would also like to feature more career profiles of alumni who have moved into non-academic roles on the PGR website to inspire and inform our current PGRs.

If you would like further information or to express interest in taking part, please contact Becky Mitchell at r.mitchell.1@bham.ac.uk 

Feature In Marketing Materials

Alumni quotes and photographs feature in University resources including our prospectuses, degree congregation brochures, website and a whole range of promotional materials.

If you would be willing to give us a quote about your time here or a short personal profile, contact us now alumnicommunications@contacts.bham.ac.uk

Alumni Group Leaders

Alumni groups and societies exist all over the world, with new members always welcome to join. Become an Alumni Group Leader and connect with alumni in their local area or even country by organising gatherings and network opportunities throughout the year.

To see a full list of the current groups visit our International Alumni page and if you would be interested in establishing a new group in your part of the country please contact alumnioffice@contacts.bham.ac.uk