Balls to cancer

The Moseley Rugby Club Players Association raised funds to combat prostate cancer.

Moseley Rugby Club

Thank you to Moseley Rugby Club Players Association, for raising £1,000 to support prostate cancer research by holding charity dinners. The Association said:

"Moseley Rugby Club Players Association is proud to support the University of Birmingham Prostate Cancer Research Programme because the cause is dear to our hearts. In the last three years we have lost two friends to the disease and several more have tested positive and required treatment.

"Working in partnership with the University, we hope to assist them in finding new and more effective strategies for the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer. Specifically, we hope to bring a screening provision to Moseley on designated match days as an effective initiative to benefit our members and the wider rugby community and facilitate early identification of the disease so saving lives.

"Moseley Rugby Club has a long relationship with the University of Birmingham. We congratulate them on becoming a Centre of Excellence in this field. The Players Association, among its many roles, organises and manages a range of activities and functions to raise funds for the club and other causes that we feel are relevant and important to our members.”