It's the climb

Our Lloyds Scholars climb Mount Snowdon to treat childhood cancer in Africa.

Lloyds Scholars

Our Birmingham Lloyds Scholars were keen to organise a group -volunteering event to raise money for a project that the University was involved with. Aware of how many lives are affected by cancer, the scholars chose to raise funds to support the University’s research into treating Burkitt’s Lymphoma, an aggressive cancer that accounts for half of all childhood cancers in Sub-Saharan Africa.  

The scholars decided to organise a charity climb of Mount Snowdon. They had a great time doing the climb, taking in the incredible views from the summit.  They even made their very own ‘Old Joe’ and took him with them!

The scholars were proud to raise nearly £600 and they are eager to do it again next year and hopefully raise even more money.  A big thank you to our amazing students for all their efforts!