Fighting Cancer


With your support, our researchers are working on innovative approaches to cancers which have already seen early diagnosis breast cancer survivial rates improve by 30% and innovative new prostate cancer trials.

Mr Richard Viney, Senior Lecturer in Urology and Consultant Surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital "By using an innovative combination of High-Intensity-Focussed-Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment to heat and cool the prostate to destroy the tumour, coupled with a powerful immune system stimulant, we will protect patients from prostate cancer with a minimally invasive procedure. We hope to improve life-expectancy and may eventually provide a cure for thousands of patients."

Cancer is a condition that impacts us all, with your help we are fighting it. Thank you.

Breast cancer

Some women are at a very high risk of developing breast cancer, the second leading cause of death of women in the UK. Your donation is helping us to identify genetic changes and develop new approaches addressing which women are most at risk and how to treat them. Learn more.

Prostate cancer

More than 37,000 cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed in the UK each year. Donors like you are helping to fund a new clinical trial testing treatment for men in whom the disease has progressed and alternatives have stopped working. Learn more

Childhood brain cancer

Our team of scientists is working to improve diagnosis and treatment of a dangerous and debilitating condition. We need staff and facilities to develop a national programme translating a new scanning technique into clinical practice across the UK and beyond. Learn more.

Burkitt’s Lymphoma

Our researchers are pioneering a life-saving drug trial to improve the prognosis of African children with this disease which acounts for 50% of all childhood cancers in Africa. With your help, more children will be able to benefit from the treatment. Learn more

Dr Jo Morris, Senior Lecturer in the School of Cancer Sciences "Patients with changes in a gene called BRCA1 are at very high risk of developing breast cancer. By understanding how this mutation causes cancer, we will revolutionise treatment by speeding up diagnosis and therefore improving survival rates. It’s amazing to get up in the morning and know you’re doing something that matters."

What giving means to me

godfrey-walsley"Without the University I would never have had the life that I have had; it has given me my profession and most of my long-term friends. I try to support Circles of Influence projects, always using Gift Aid, as I think I owe Birmingham for the happiness I have had throughout my adult life. This time, I chose to give to the breast and prostate cancer projects as I have friends and relatives who have experienced both problems, and have lost some of them too.’

Godfrey Worsey, Donor (BDS, Dentistry, 1957)


Hear more from our other donors about why they choose to give back to Birmingham.





Download: Cancer Research Impact Report (PDF -388 KB).