Earth Sciences Reunion

Five Near Logan's Pass

Pictured, left to right: Ian Finch, Martin Culshaw, Terry Parker, Peter Thompson and Clive Fowler

Having enjoyed a brilliantly organised 40 Year Reunion at the University in June, three slightly eroded geologists from the UK were joined by two others from Australia to enjoy our sixth reunion since graduating in 1970.This time, the venue was in northwest USA, being centred upon visits to several national parks to view the spectacular geology on display.

Our journey began on the slopes of the gently slumbering active volcano of Mt Rainier in the Cascades, which was then followed by a long drive east to the splendour of Glacier National Park to observe the massively overthrust Proterozoic strata that constitute the ancestral Rocky Mountains in Montana. Another long drive then followed as we travelled south to Yellowstone, which displayed a more subdued volcanic landscape dominated by hydrothermal activity (geysers), pyroclastics and a large remnant caldera – also slumbering, thankfully!

Hopes of seeing wildlife were higher on the agenda here, but sadly we saw little apart from enough bisons to last us a lifetime. A quick trip to view the sheer majesty of the nearby Grand Tetons in Wyoming brought our reunion to a close.

The ‘Brum’-inspired camaraderie of the group remains undimmed and our next gathering is already pencilled in.

Peter Thompson