Rover Workers Share Support

A new website is offering support and resources for anyone who has been made redundant.

Launched by a group of former MG Rover employees with input from the University’s Dr Caroline Chapain, Retooled aims to form a supportive community and provide an outlet for people to share their experiences.

Rover became a British icon during its almost 100-year existence and built more than 25 million cars. When the company collapsed in 2005, more than 6,000 employees at the Longbridge factory in Birmingham lost their jobs overnight, marking the biggest corporate closure in Britain since 1980.

A small group of former employees decided to create Retooled to support others in the same situation, partly in response to Dr Chapain’s study on the company’s collapse.

‘Individuals deal differently with redundancy, but there are similar emotions and processes that people go through when dealing with the loss of a job,’ says Dr Chapain, a research fellow in the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies. ‘Emotional support can be as important as practical support such as retraining and I believe this website is an excellent way for the university’s research to have a real impact in an area that affects increasing numbers of people.'

The website contains video clips of people’s stories, blog postings, advice and links to other useful sites about redundancy. Visit Retooled at