Showing how alumni are shaping Birmingham

Highlighting the impact successful alumni are having in the city, the University has launched a new project called ‘Birmingham shaped us. We shape Birmingham’.

Former students who hold influential positions in a variety of fields including local industry, government, voluntary organisations and healthcare services, were all filmed for a series of short videos, explaining how they have contributed to shaping the city since their graduation.

‘Many of our alumni stay in Birmingham and have a huge impact on the city, and it’s this that the project hopes to demonstrate,’ explains College of Social Sciences Alumni Relations Manager Jade Bressington. ‘In turn, this emphasises the civic importance of the University to the local area and the opportunities available in the Midlands. We hope this clearly shows current and prospective students the impact that the University experience can have on graduates and their subsequent careers.’

The nine alumni featured were filmed in their place of work talking about why they chose to study at the University, why they chose to work in Birmingham after graduating, and the impact their current role has within the region. CEO of Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Sarah-Jane Marsh (MSc Health Care Management, 2005), who was one of the alumni involved in the project, says: ‘The University of Birmingham is an important organisation within the West Midlands; and as a former student, it was fantastic to be part of a project focusing on the impact the University and its graduates have on our region. I really enjoyed playing my part, but have also enjoyed viewing the clips of my fellow alumni, which include some interesting and inspiring individuals.’

Managing Director of Citydesk Sport Michelle Leavesley (MSc Marketing, 2005) also appears. ‘I chose to stay in the West Midlands because the city of Birmingham is a multicultural, cosmopolitan place to work and live and I realised what great potential it had for me and for my business,’ she says. ‘Having an impact on the city is very important for me because, as a young entrepreneur, I had a lot of support. Getting involved with projects like the Young Directors’ Forum is about giving back some of that support I’ve had through the years.

The videos will be regularly publicised to raise awareness of the impact the University’s graduates have on shaping the region. To find out more or view the videos, visit the ‘Birmingham Shaped us. We Shape Birmingham’ page.