Finding love in a familiar place

Julia and Eric Stannard on their wedding day at the Botannical gardens, Birmingham

Couples who fell in love at Birmingham have shared their stories on our LinkedIn group.

Below is a selection of our favourite romantic tales. If you found love at Birmingham and would like to tell your story or would like to read the full discussion, visit the University of Birmingham Alumni and Friends LinkedIn page.

Chance encounters united Patrick and Liz Smith during Freshers’ Week in 1971 and Catherine Wardle and her fiancé Emir whilst studying abroad.

‘Liz and I met at the medical at the beginning of Freshers’ Week. I picked up her card and walked off with it, only realising it was wrong when I read height 5 feet and not 6’4”,’ explains Patrick who graduated in Physics in 1974 and married Liz the following year.

Catherine, who is getting married later this year, met her partner abroad. She explains: ‘We met while I was on my year in industry and he was on his medical elective, both in New Zealand.’

Bob and Karen Eastoe met during their first week at Mason Hall and are now looking forward to celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary later this year.‘Birmingham has certainly been a big part of our lives,’ reminisces Bob, whose eldest child is following in his footsteps by currently studying politics at Birmingham.

Silver wedding bells are also ringing this month for Andrew Woolf who met his wife Michelle during his last week as a student in 1983.

Eric Stannard and his wife Julia met through the University of Birmingham Rowing Club and have now been married for 15 years with two children.

Thank you to everybody who shared their story with us.