Find out how electricity and hydrogen are transforming the waterways

The University's hydrogen barge

The Department of Metallurgy and Materials invites you to a one-day workshop on the application of electricity and hydrogen to waterways transportation.

The waterways have always been associated with a greener life-style and still represent a very efficient means of transportation. It would be very appropriate therefore, if this is one of the first sectors of the transport infrastructure to adopt a totally clean energy strategy. The Protium Project at Birmingham is showing that a combination of hydrogen and batteries can provide viable clean energy sources for canal boats and that the hydrogen can be stored safely and reversibly for long periods as a metal hydride on-board the vessel.

The workshop will inform attendees on:

•  the status of battery powered craft.

•  the status of hydrogen as a fuel for the inland waterways.

•  the technology and logistics of a battery/hydrogen infrastructure for the waterways.

•  the wider role of the waterways in a sustainable society

Date of Event: 27th June 2012

Location: University of Birmingham - Metallurgy and Materials

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