40th Anniversary Reunion, BDS Dentistry 1973

On a wet and windy weekend in October 2013, 32 graduates of the class of 1969 met up again for their 40th Anniversary of graduation at the Holiday Inn (Birmingham Airport). Having been a class that was truly integrational, where everyone was everyone’s friend, and having met up at numerous anniversaries over the 40 years, (the last being the 30th), it was good to see that so many could again attend the 40th

Many came from other continents such as Canada/USA/South Africa/Europe.

Many came for two nights, many brought their spouses, and some even played golf on the Saturday morning! There were 54 sitting down to dinner on the Saturday night, where the conversation was endless and the camaraderie unforgettable. 

Unfortunately over the last few years, some of our colleagues had passed away, and there was a sad toast to absent friends.

Thanks go to Pippa Dathan who did the majority of the organisational work.

We all look forward to the 45th Reunion in 2018.