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PhD student Maggie Lieu, who made global headlines when she was shortlisted to become one of the first human visitors to Mars, has pulled out of the mission.

 Maggie, who was selected as one of the final 100 applicants for the Mars One programme, has decided to put her studies first but she is still determined to become an astronaut and visit the Red Planet.

 ‘Mars is so close. It is right around the corner. Why haven’t we been there yet?’ she says.

 Currently in the third year of a PhD in Extragalactic Astrophysics at the University, Maggie now hopes to apply to become a European Space Agency astronaut.

 She does not regret making the shortlist for the Mars One mission or the media attention over her aspirations to become the first Martian mother.

 ‘I see the attention as positive as I’ve had so much interest from schoolchildren in science, particularly young women who also hope to become astronauts,’ she says. 


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