USA alumni: Get involved

Despite being thousands of miles away from Birmingham, there are a number of ways you can volunteer to help the University, from providing tips and advice to current students to hosting alumni events in your city. 

  • Describe Birmingham in three sentences

Cappex is an international website that helps US-based students choose the university that’s right for them. It gives an overview of each university based on areas including academic life, social life, campus and – really importantly – reviews from current and past students. This is particularly helpful for our International Recruitment Office, as Cappex is used extensively by US students choosing where to study. Share your thoughts and experiences to show a new generation of prospective students what Birmingham meant to you. Reviews from recent graduates are particularly useful.

Visit and create an account to leave a review.

  • Organise an alumni event in your region

The University of Birmingham USA Alumni Society is always looking for volunteers to organise events in its regions. If there is currently no organiser in your region, and you’d like to set up an alumni gathering, please contact Brian Beeston, National Coordinator, on

  • Share tips and advice with US students in the UK

Moving to a new country to study can be a daunting experience. You can help current and future US students by sharing your tips and advice on how to get through those homesick moments, whether it’s during the first few days of Fresher’s Week or missing home during Thanksgiving. Email any advice or stories you have to  and we will pass them on to our International Student Advisory Service, which works closely with our US students.

  • Did you move to the US for work? Help our students get in the know.

We are currently working on creating International Career Guides for students and young alumni who are interested in working abroad after graduating. If you are originally from the UK and have moved to the US for work we’d like to hear about your experience so we can include your advice in the guide. This advice could be on the culture change, the recruitment process in the US, how you found your first job in the US and how best to use having a UK education to your advantage. Please send any advice you have to Ellie Wood.


To see more ways you can get involved with the University, please visit our microvolunteering site.