US Student Spotlight- Eric Zipperle

Eric Zipperle

Eric Zipperle, an Accounting and Business student, and member of the North American Cultural Society at the University shares his thoughts on studying at Birmingham.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Birmingham?

I was looking for a school that could be a catalyst for making international relationships. The city of Birmingham is an epicentre of international culture, and the University of Birmingham is no different. With that being said, it is also comforting to be in an environment that is so diverse but still speaks your native language.

What’s your favourite thing about Birmingham?

I have genuinely enjoyed meeting everyone. It is interesting to be in a city like Birmingham because it isn’t full of tourists. As an American, I think it’s a special experience to get to meet many people who have never met an American before, and this probably would have been different if I had studied in London.

Is there anything that has surprised you about studying in the UK?

The weather! It’s been beautiful so far - only a few rainy days in the six weeks I’ve been here.

Do you have a favourite British phrase?

“Are you all right?” In America, this is like asking someone if something is wrong rather than just a way of saying hello. It continues to throw me off sometimes, but I find it interesting as well.

Have you been able to introduce anything from the US to your friends here?

Mainly music. Although my mom sent me some American candy and when I shared it with my friends they were amazed. American skittles are 10 times better than English skittles! You guys are really missing out.

With Thanksgiving coming up, how are you intending to celebrate?

On my first full day here, I met some exchange students from Germany who I’ve ended up becoming good friends with. They want to give Thanksgiving a try so I’m going to cook for all of us.

Finally, can you describe your time in Birmingham so far in three words?

Fast. Priceless. Unforgettable.