University of Birmingham USA Alumni Society


SF meeting with PD March 2015

Would you like to get together with fellow Birmingham alumni for social events ranging from drinks and dinners to networking evenings and pub quizzes?  Why not join the USA Alumni Society? 

There are active groups in 14 separate areas of the USA; groups in Arizona and North Carolina have recently been set up, the society is planning to start a group in the Detroit area later this year and volunteers are always needed to start new alumni groups in other areas.

Brian Beeston, National Coordinator, says: ‘Our goal is to bring Birmingham alumni together, to foster interest in and support of each other and the broader University community. Our expectation is that this will create a sense of pride in the University, enhance the image of the University of Birmingham in the USA, and provide networking opportunities among USA alumni as well as supporting the University’s strategic goals.’

Alumni events are held in each region throughout the year, ranging from visits to museums followed by drinks and dinners to pub quizzes and hikes in the country.

‘We also often use the opportunity to hold events when staff or students from the University are travelling in the US,’ Brian explains.

The society is led by Dave Drinkwater (Chair, New York) and Brian (San Diego). Other members of the national organising committee are James Stamp (Treasurer, Bay Area), Andy Cottrell (Media, Bay Area) and Bob Bond (Former Chair, Chicago)

To find an alumni group near you, visit the USA alumni website

If you are interested in organising an event or setting up a group, please email Brian or Dave.