Donate your #firstfiver

Alumni Communications Officer Emily Nash and her first fiver

Staff in DARO are embracing a social media trend by donating the first new (plastic) fiver they receive to the University's childhood cancer research.

All funds raised will go to Dr Frank Mussai and his team of clinicians at Birmingham Children's Hospital, who are developing new treatments for children with cancer.

The research was driven forward by the donation of a sample of blood from a toddler called Amber, who was only a year old when she died of leukaemia. Her blood sample revealed new insights into the way cancer affects the immune system and has shaped the research ever since. 

Emily Nash, Alumni Communications Officer, said: 'We urge all our colleagues across campus to join us by donating their first £5 notes. I met the families of some of Frank's patients recently and this is a truly worthwhile cause.' 

If you would like to donate your first fiver, please drop it in at Aston Webb reception*, or you can also give online. Don't forget to complete the Gift Aid form and tweet @birminghamalum to tell DARO about it using #firstfiver. Thank you! 

*DARO are very grateful to Diane Cornfield and Marilyn Nash, who kindly agreed to collect donations.