Understanding the first year journey

Studying at university is a life-changing time for students, with many living away from home for the first time – and parents also have to adjust to a difference in routine.

The challenge of combining their studies with making new friends and managing their finances is something that students may look forward to, or be intimidated by, and there are different issues to face over the course of the academic year.

From dealing with homesickness in the winter months through to coping with exam revision pressures as summer approaches, if parents are familiar with the type of situations, pressures and issues students may be facing, they will be better placed to provide the right help and advice.

Dr David Mair, Head of Counselling and Wellbeing, explained: ‘Coming to University represents a big change for many students. It is often the first time they are living away from home; some have moved from another country; and they all will be making new friends.

‘While different students react in different ways to starting university, there are new pressures on their shoulders. Parents and family members can play an important role in supporting them with the new challenges they face.’

The University has gathered information from first year students to establish some of the key issues they face at different points throughout the year, along with suggestions of how family members can help.

More details are available on the University website - and if you have any tips or stories you would like to share, please get in touch.