North American Cultural Society

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Thanksgiving Dinner 2015

Members of the North American Cultural Society will be travelling to North America in September to begin a year of study at another University. Vicky Hodges, BA American and Canadian Studies student and 2015/16 President of the North American Cultural Society gives an update on the society's activities this year.

"During the past two years, the North American Cultural Society has gone from a small group of American and Canadian Studies second year students with an interest in North American culture, to a thriving group receiving a nomination in the Outstanding New Society of the Year category at the Guild Awards. Our main goal as a society is ultimately to bring North American culture to our members through multiple events; from fancy dress events to being taught how to play Beer Pong by three American Fraternity members. Our main aim is always to have fun and fulfil the interests our members have in North American culture.

"Our first large-scale event of the 2015-16 academic year, our American Icons Night, was a huge success; from superheroes, to the Muppets, to stars of the big screen, the effort our members put in was spectacular. As we are not the largest of societies, the commitment our members have to the society is vital. Our blossoming membership has not only boosted our success, but has also formed a family type network within the society. We have become proud, honourary North Americans.

"We are hoping to extend our family and that involves you! Following the successful Thanksgiving Event we co-hosted with the International Department at the University, we became aware of the opportunity to set up links with North American Alumni. There are two key benefits of setting up a link with you. Firstly, you could provide an interesting insight into what it is like to live and work in North America, which our members would find of great interest. Secondly, with many of our members going on their year abroad in September or in the future to North America, advice in both their preparations and while they are in North America would make you a vital source of information and a key connection for those going to their year abroad. As I am going on my year abroad myself this year to Birmingham Southern College, I know how much we would all appreciate your advice regarding how to integrate into a new environment. Whether this is information on places to visit or great places to eat, to have a connection nearby with a familiar accent would be brilliant.  The states we'll be going to are Arizona, Alabama, California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Wyoming and Pennsylvania.

"If you think you can help by just giving a piece of advice or you are willing to be a contact for our members in a certain location simply email us or find us on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you!"