Alex Konarski

AlexKonarskiAlex Konarski (BSc Geology, 2012) may have only recently graduated, but he is already forging a successful career as an Investment Manager.

Alex has proven that the concept of 'transferrable skills' is no myth; and that knowledge acquired at university can be applied to a range of other professional and academic fields. Having spent three years studying Geology, as well as becoming a loyal member of the Geology Society, Alex has gone on to transform his career pursuits, and is now working as a Trainee Investment Manager at Ramsey Crookall & Co Ltd, an independent wealth management firm of stockbrokers and investment managers based in the Isle of Man.

Alex says that his science degree prepared him for a career in investment banking due to the high level of research and analytical skills that were required during his studies. He believes that 'the ability to self-teach which most university degrees instil is vital for anyone who is adopting a new career path as they will, at some point, be required to learn processes, functions and new terminology by themselves.'

In Alex’s case it can be said that how he learnt at the University of Birmingham has been of equal importance to what he learnt for his career progression. The supportive environment and opportunities for independent learning have fostered invaluable skills for self-motivation and independent working.

Alex says: 'I particularly enjoyed my time at Birmingham as it is a campus university just a couple of miles from Britain’s second largest city. This gives the perfect balance between life as a student, in an environment that has clearly been designed to aid one’s study, and city life which forces people to grow up.'

What attracted Alex to the job at Ramsey Crookall is the potential for career growth. Since joining the company he has benefitted through his role in more ways than one. Working in a small family firm has allowed Alex to spend time in multiple departments of the company and learn how the entire process of investment management works; from client relationship management to trading, settlements and safe custody.

Alex says that the main advantage of working for a small firm is that he is free to make his own decisions after qualifying, rather than being allocated a sector such as fixed interest investments.

Ramsey Crookall takes on numerous work experience candidates every year, from GCSE, to degree level students. The programme offers an insightful experience in the finance and corporate world.