Pippa Evans

PippaEvanswebRising star Pippa Evans (BA Drama and Theatre Arts, 2004) combines her musical talent, improvisation skills and comic flair to entertain audiences across the UK. 

Actively involved in performance during her studies, Pippa’s time at Birmingham cemented her desire to become a stand-up comic. ‘I was able to take part in several performances, including Kindertransport by Diane Samuels. So I did do some proper acting and I was a member of Guild Musical Theatre Group for two terms.’ She explains: ‘I learned a lot about myself and knew more and more I wanted to pursue a career in comedy.’

Following graduation, Pippa returned to London to hone her burgeoning talent in improvised sketches and standup comedy. After just a few years of taking to the stage, Pippa was nominated for the Comedy Best Newcomer Award in 2008 at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and has since become a regular feature of the comedy circuit. 

Pippa is best-known for her stage character Loretta Maine, an unhinged and scarily neurotic country and western singer and arguably the character that has been the most successful in introducing her to new audiences.

Explaining the inspiration behind the character, Pippa says: ‘Loretta Maine appeared in my brain one night, when writing a 20-minute skit with my friend Luke Toulson. We said: 'Well, I can sing and you are good at being sarcastic, so let’s combine these two.' She developed into this angry Courtney Love type beast. And it is fun – although it hurts my throat sometimes, with all the shouting!’

Not one for a quiet life, Pippa is also at the heart of the award-winning team behind the touring stage show, Showstopper! The Improvised Musical. Other credits include appearances in BBC Radio 4’s acclaimed Arthur Smith’s Balham Bash, BBC 2’s improvisation comedy show, Fast and Loose, The Morgana Show, The Slammer and The Wrong Door.