The Choice is Yours 

Now it's your turn; the world really is your oyster.

James VillarrealJames Villarreal (Economics, 2005) Co-Founder, Glide "Don't be afraid of failure because you learn so much every time you fail."


Brigid JonesBrigid Jones (MSc Physics, 2009) Cabinet Member for Children and Family Services, Birmingham City Council "The future doesn't necessarily hold what you think it will - it can be something very different, and so, so much more."

Ann WiddecombeRt Hon Ann Widdecombe (BA Latin, 1969; DUniv, 2012) Former MP, author and TV presenter "Don't expect it all to come too quickly, but if you really want it, you can have it."

Jacqueline MinorJacqueline Minor (LLB Law, 1977) Head of Representation, European Commission "Take the opportunities that life presents. You should plan and you should be ambitious, but make sure you're prepared to adapt and seize the moment."