The Entrepreneur

Do you have a business idea? Many of our graduates have had success starting their own businesses following graduation and we can help you stand out. Stand out in business with help from the University’s Careers Network, working with graduates to make start-up business ideas a reality.

Did you know?

All of these businesses were started by your fellow Birmingham graduates:

  • Beachbreak Live - Ian Forshew (BCom Commerce, 2004) and Celia Norowzian (BA Media, Culture and Society, 2005)
  • The Burrito Kitchen - Tim Stillwell (BSc International Business, 2011)
  • George at ASDA - George Davies (Dentistry, 1962; DUniv, 2009)
  • Moonpig - Nick Jenkins (BA International Relations, 2007) 
  • Moshi Monsters - Michael Acton Smith (BSc Geography, 1996)
  • PlayDNA - Sam Decombel (BSc Biological Sciences (Genetics), 2002; PhD Biosciences, 2006) 
  • Purple Frog Lettings - Greg White (BEng Computer Interactive Systems with Business Management, 2007) 
  • The Selly Sausage - Tony McKinlay (LLB Law, 1990)
  • Toast - Jessica and James Seaton (BA Ancient History and Archaeology, 1977)

George-DaviesGeorge Davies (Dentistry, 1962; DUniv, 2009) Founder of Next, George at ASDA and Per Una "You must be confident enough about your concept and how it addresses the gap in the market to believe it will succeed."

Did you know?

Many graduates are embracing the entrepreneurial spirit and becoming their own boss. Do you have a business idea? The University can help.

Tim-StillwellTim Stillwell (BSc International Business, 2011) 2013 The Apprentice candidate and Founder of the Burrito Kitchen "I would encourage any young people with business ideas to just do it - what have you got to lose? There are lots of people willing to help you, including the University, and you learn so much along the way."

Sam-DecombelSam Decombel (BSc Biological Sciences (Genetics), 2002; PhD Biosciences, 2006) Director, PlayDNA Ltd "My advice to other entrepreneurs is to do your market research and know what your unique selling point is before you start out. When you have limited resources and budget you have to be very focussed."

Did you know?

The University’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation team can help turn your social enterprise idea into a reality to support the local community. Visit to find out more. 

Greg-WhiteGreg White (BEng Computer Interactive Systems with Business Management, 2007) Director, Purple Frog "You have got to believe in what you're doing and think positively. Starting a business when you're just out of university like I did is the perfect time to give something a go. I would definitely encourage you to consider entrepreneurship as a valid career choice - just think of it as any other full-time job that will hopefully provide you with a sense of fulfilment."

Nick-JenkinsNick Jenkins (BA Russian Language and Literature, 1990) Founder, "If you want to be an entrepreneur, the best way to prepare is to work for someone else in the same sector and spend their money first. Any managerial experience will make you much more investable."

For more information about how the University can help you start up your own business and develop your entrepreneurial spirit, follow @benterprising, join our Facebook group or email